Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Headache Congress 2021, a joint congress of the IHS and EHF, was in a fully virtual format.

The presentation downloaded using this platform are intended as an educational resource for legitimate scientific exchange and not for promotional use.

8–12 September 2021

IHS and EHF Joint Congress

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List of Presentations

Consistent efficacy and safety of erenumab over time in patients with episodic migraine who completed a 5-year, open-label extension study

Messoud Ashina, Peter J. Goadsby, Uwe Reuter, Stephen Silberstein, David W. Dodick, Feng Zhang, Fei Xue, Sunfa Cheng, Denise E.Chou, Gabriel Paiva da Silva Lima
Oral Presentaion: 233

Real-world healthcare costs and resource utilization among patients treated with erenumab in the United States: A retrospective claims database study

Stewart J. Tepper, Todd J. Schwedt, Pamela Vo, Parth Joshi, Mrudula Glassberg, Ahmad Abdrabboh, Matias Ferraris, Santosh Tiwari, Jeffrey Thompson
Oral Presentaion: 263

Erenumab versus topiramate for the prevention of migraine: Results of a post-hoc efficacy analysis

Marc Ehrlich, Monika Maier-Peuschel, Christian Sieder, Christian Hentschke, Uwe Reuter
Oral Presentation: 399

Real-world effectiveness data of erenumab-treated migraine patients in Switzerland: The SQUARE study

Elisabeth Schäfer, Ina Meyer, Michael E. Arzt, Andreas R. Gantenbein
Oral Presentation: 555

Impact of migraine on work productivity and healthcare costs in Malaysia: a retrospective, cross-sectional analysis using self-reported data from the Migraine-Buddy© application

Khean-Jin Goh, Sonesh Kalra, Priveena Nair Ramadasan
ePoster: 74

Characterisation of patient and treatment profiles of migraine patients treated with erenumab in routine clinical practice: Interim results from the SPECTRE study

Charly Gaul, Mirja Koch, Caroline Baufeld
ePoster: 154

Role of targeting CGRP for migraine prevention and challenges with oral therapies: A pilot survey on knowledge, attitude & practice (KAP) in migraine prevention among Indian neurologists

Sneha Thakur, Anup Thorat, Joy Desai
ePoster: 160

Efficacy and safety of erenumab in patients with episodic migraine in East Asia: Taiwan and Korea subpopulation analysis of the EMPOwER study

Shuu-Jiun Wang, Byung-Kun Kim, Gabriel Paiva da Silva Lima, Shaloo Pandhi, Shihua Wen, Subhayan Mondal, Peggy Hours-Zesiger
ePoster: 245

Design and population characteristics of APOLLON

Sonja Ortler, Hartmut Göbel, Monika Maier-Peuschel, Mirja Koch
ePoster: 317

Relative frequency and sub-types of constipation by migraine status in a healthcare population sample: Results of the Migraine Signature study

Richard B. Lipton, Dawn C. Buse, Shruti Vaidya, Alex Scott, Alice Jacobson, Michelle Goodreau, Walter F. Stewart, Ani Khodavirdi, Marco S. Navetta, Mahan Chehrenama, Robert Urman, Karminder Gill, Alice Pressman
ePoster: 355

Cost estimation of productivity loss, healthcare resource utilization and symptom burden associated with migraine in Indian healthcare setting

Jaydip R. Chaudhuri, Tapas K. Banerjee, Rahul Kulkarni, Sumit Singh, Sameer Gokhale, Sushant Anand, Sneha Thakur, Anup Thorat
ePoster: 492

Three-year efficacy and safety of erenumab in participants with episodic migraine and 2–4 prior preventive treatment failures: Results from the LIBERTY study

Uwe Reuter, Peter J. Goadsby, Michel D. Ferrari, Gabriel Paiva da Silva Lima, Subhayan Mondal, Shihua Wen, Tracy Stites, Michal Arkuszewski, Michel Lanteri-Minet, Shaloo Pandhi
ePoster: 568

Long-term safety and tolerability of erenumab in episodic migraine: A pooled analysis from two clinical trials and their extension phases

Messoud Ashina, Uwe Reuter, David W. Dodick, Feng Zhang, Shannon Ritter, Tracy Stites, Gabriel Paiva da Silva Lima, Michal Arkuszewski, Peter J. Goadsby
ePoster: 569
MLR ID: 152525
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