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July 29 - July 02

European Headache Federation

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The importance of considering the patient’s and treating physician’s view to generate comprehensive and unbiased real-world evidence data (PERISCOPE and TELESCOPE)

K. Schuh, C. Gaul, A. Straube, P. Stude, H. Israel-Willner, M. Koch
Poster number: P55

Long-term improvement in migraine outcomes following participation in an employer-provided disease management program

L. Schaetz, T. Rimner, P. Pathak, J. Fang, D. Chandrasekhar, L. Vandervoort, J Mueller, P.S. Sandor, A.R. Gantenbein
Poster number: P62

Clinical characteristics of patients and healthcare resource utilisation in European centres with and without dedicated headache clinic: Real-world evidence from the multinational BECOME study

P. Pozo-Rosich, D.P.B. Watson, P. Martelletti, C. Lucas, C. Gaul, S. Ritter, J. Snellman
Poster number: P65

Real-world evidence data characterizing the use of the monoclonal antibody erenumab in daily clinical routine in Germany from the treating physician’s perspective (TELESCOPE)

M. Koch, A. Straube, P. Stude, C. Gaul, K. Schuh
Poster number: P252

First data collection on the use of prophylactic migraine treatments including the monoclonal antibody erenumab focused on the patient’s personal experience (PERISCOPE)

C. Gaul, H. Israel-Willner, M. Koch, K. Schuh
Poster number: P253

Healthcare resource use among migraine patients who have failed previous prophylactic treatments: Findings from the BECOME study

P. Martelletti, C. Lucas, C. Gaul, D.P.B. Watson, P. Pozo-Rosich, S. Ritter, J. Snellman
Poster number: P266

Sustained efficacy and safety of erenumab in patients with episodic migraine who failed 2–4 prior preventive treatments: 2-year interim results of the LIBERTY
open-label extension study

U. Reuter, P.J. Goadsby, M. Lanteri-Minet, T. Stites, S. Wen, N. Tenenbaum, M.D. Ferrari, S. Pandhi
Poster number: P270

Effect of erenumab on monthly migraine days and monthly migraine attacks in patients with episodic migraine

P. Tfelt-Hansen, M. Ashina, H.C. Diener, S. Ritter, G. Paiva Da Silva Lima, S. Rasmussen, R. Zielman
Poster number: P271
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